Significant Things Within The Last Month

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It’s December, which means Christmas-y things are happening. In fact, a lot more happens in the six-week Christmas season than happens on the actual Christmas Day. I wanted to write down a few significant things that have happened within the last month, as a way of keeping track of my blessings, reminding myself that maybe my life is not that mundane. Many wouldn’t consider these things significant at all, but rather ordinary, but I found them significant enough to mention to my boyfriend when talking to him on the phone.

The Christmas Market.

The Christmas Market was an economical and social project among the Mennonite ladies within my community. Most of them were married ladies with husbands who supported the family, and they had found a hobby they enjoyed, and they continued to improve at it, and to invest money in it, and advertise it, and then the Christmas market happened and they were able to sell their products. The booths at the Christmas market were filled with wood carvings and wood hangings, sweet treats such as cheesecakes and pies and rock candies and pretzel sticks and donuts and tilapia pudding and macarons and waffles and popcorn, lipsticks and scent diffusers, Trim Healthy Mama food products, hand sewn clothing, blankets and blanket scarves, knit beanies, and soaps. It was a lovely place for Christmas shopping! There was also a band playing Christmas tunes onstage, as well as a photo booth with a Christmas-y background. After browsing every booth and purchasing a few small things, my mom and my sisters and my cousin and I sat down to hot chocolate and punch. The hot chocolate was exceptional because it was a little less sweet than most, with a bit more dark chocolate.

The Snow.

So unexpected! In Mexico, we don’t get snow until March. And we certainly don’t get more than an inch on the ground, and it doesn’t stay for longer than two hours. Within that time, we have the opportunity to make one batch of snow ice cream and one snowman which is probably two feet tall, and that’s all we accomplish. But now, on December 7, it started snowing large clumps of wet snow in the morning, and only stopped around dinnertime. We had 8 inches of snow at the end of the day. It was hardly recognizable as Mexico at all! It made me feel nostalgic for the places I know in Canada. It took a long time to melt, and several of our neighbors’ snowmen were still standing a week later.

The Photo Shoot With Jessica And Alfredo.

I’ve taken pictures of them once before, and they asked me to do it again. It seems they have a thing for cabins, because our first photo session was at a cabin, and so was our second one. My car was probably a little offended by the road we took to get there, but it was worth the bumps when I was finished editing the photos. We went at the perfect time, because the evening of the photo shoot was warm, with a lovely sunset, and the cabin was on the side of a mountain, so we had a lovely unblocked view of the sunset! However, the next day the rain wouldn’t stop, and the next day the snow wouldn’t stop, so it’s a good thing we didn’t wait any longer to take the photos.

She’s dancing in front of a sunset. I would have done the photo session for this one picture.
And then they stopped dancing and took a moment to appreciate the sunset as well.
I have failed at sunset photography a few times, but this session was everything.
Almost-kisses used to bother me, I guess. Now I find them adorable.

The Photo Shoot With Justin And Kelly.

It was a conceptual photo shoot based on the song The Monster by Eminem and Rihanna. Justin and I started a long-term conceptual photo project, taking photos based on songs. Our first session was most definitely a success. We took pictures in my room, where everything is black & white, and there’s plenty of natural light.

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Planning My Boyfriend’s Visit In March.

Jeremy and I are both still in school, and we live 2500 miles away from each other. This obviously makes it difficult to see each other. But the last time we saw each other was in October, and he’s planning to come here in March. I’ve planned so many things. I found a location with white sand dunes, where I want us to have a photo shoot. I’m hoping I have the patience to alternate working behind the camera and posing in front of it. Not only do I want to have two photo shoots of us, but I want to be the photographer and take photos of him. Because he’s gorgeous. And perhaps I might like to schedule a photo session with someone else and take him along. Aside from the hundreds of photos I want to take, I definitely want to take him with me to the gym in the mornings and lift heavier weights than he does. There are 4 different cafes I want to take him to, and two double dates I’ve already planned.

Products In The Mail.

I became somewhat more widely known as a social media influencer, and I’ve been able to do more sponsored posts this year. I love it, and I hope to do several more. I’ve received fitness leggings and fitness capris from Agnes & Dora, skin care products from Avon, a chocolate-flavored chap stick and a cotton candy scented soap from Poofy Organics, a 10-day supply of Thrive (which did, in fact, make my workouts awesome and made me feel healthy all day), a Christmas Cookies scented candle from Country Scents, and a hooded baby blanket from Mer Baby (which I totally gave to my baby cousin) all within the month of November. I’m excited for more collaborations!

Purebred Labrador Puppies.

Funny story: We rented a friend’s labrador-retriever dog because we wanted labrador-retriever puppies, and we had a purebred labrador dog. This dog and our dog Sandy seemed to be “just friends” for an entire week. Then, we happened to find our purebred labrador Sherman who had been missing for a month. We took him home, and ten minutes later, Sandy was pregnant. Okay.

Sherman was a dark chocolate color, and Sandy was light blonde. All eight puppies were light blonde. That’s a lot of puppies. All of them were perfectly healthy and gorgeous and so fluffy and fat. We were able to sell them quickly, but now I rather regret that because I should have kept them all! But I haven’t lost, because I was able to keep them during their cutest possible point in life.

Showdown By Ted Dekker.

Do you ever get so mind blown by something that you know you should keep it to yourself because no one will be able to understand you anyway if you even try to explain it, but you can’t stay quiet because of how amazing it is? Even more relatable, you’re afraid that no one else will find it to be as great as you found it to be. But either way, I was shook by the plot of this novel. It starts with great suspense and detail, and gives you so much opportunity to speculate and wonder about what’s happening. But in the end, the final plan that’s been in effect from the beginning of the discovery of the Books of History, is finally the only thing that saves the humanity of a town. I just… wow. Ted Dekker is my favorite author. This book is right up there with House and Immanuel’s Veins.

My Physical Progress And Visit To The Nutritionist.

I guess he believes I did well in the month of November. At our last appointment in October, he told me he wanted me to lose 9 pounds in a month! I was surprised, and then he said “It’s alright, I’ll be happy if you lose only 4 pounds.” And when I went back in November, I had lost only 4 pounds. He was excited for me and he said I had done very well! We checked my progress, and half of the weight was from my belly. I had also grown quite a bit of muscle throughout my body, in that month. I guess I should be happy; I did lose weight and I did gain muscle. But really I only reached the minimum weight loss that he was content with, and I was not content with that. Also, this month is especially difficult, because Christmas.

Breakfast With The Ladies From The Gym.

I had listed this as one of the things to add to this blog post before the event happened, and when it happened, I did not attend. But I am writing it anyway.

Lucy told me that the other trainer hosted a Christmas dinner with the men that go to the gym, and she also told me she would host a similar event with all the ladies that go to the gym at the same hour as I do, but that we’d be going for breakfast instead of dinner. I liked the idea and I wanted to go, but I backed out at the last minute, simply because of anxiety. I missed it simply because I was afraid of the effort it would take to make conversation and lighten up. I have done that too many times. But also, I am really trying to avoid the Christmas events happening this year. There are far too many of them.


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  1. You’re beautiful with or without the weight loss! However, congratulations on your weight loss and to do it during a holiday season?! Superwoman! 🙂

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