Road Tripping Through America

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Day 1:

Starting in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico–which is where I currently live–my dad and my brother and I hit the road and left for the border. We traveled through El Paso, Texas into New Mexico and eventually stopped in Durango, Colorado for the night.

At first, it was not enjoyable. All those turns and curves in the mountain brought me close to vomiting my breakfast. Very close, in fact. But I managed to survive, and the sights and smells on the way to Durango were pleasant. There was plenty of farmland on the way over, and for several miles we could smell alfalfa, and watch a golden sunset over the mountains.

road tripping through america
A pretty picture I captured of the sunset, on Day 1 of my road trip through the USA.

We listened to Twenty One Pilots for a large part of the road trip, and I was so happy to hear from my dad at the end of the day that he really likes Twenty One Pilots. As nervous as I was to share something I enjoy so much with someone who might have something unpleasant to say if he didn’t feel the same way I did, I was glad he liked their music.

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Durango, Colorado, is where the hippies are. And it’s also where the restaurants leave their doors wide open as the employees clean up after closing hours, and then wonder why customers walk in their doors at such a late hour. As I write this, I’m sitting in an adorable hotel room, hoping it’s soon my turn for the shower. That will be the perfect end to this long, yet successful day.

Day 2:

More driving! In the morning, we stayed in Durango, Colorado for a while, while Dad visited certain farmers to check out their onion fields and sweet corn fields, while my brother and I watched Pulp Fiction in the car. I recommend that film, by the way. It did not disappoint. For the rest of the day, we only drove from Durango, Colorado, to Salt Lake City, Utah. As we drove through the Colorado mountains, we stopped at a place where we had a clear view of the side of a mountain, from a cliff. I stepped out, set up my tripod, and took a few pictures of the view. I’ve decided that I love driving through Salt Lake City. Hence the lake, the city smells salty. Like a beach breeze. You’re driving through city lights and factories and skyscrapers and all of it smells like a warm, salty, beach breeze. That’s a perfect thing.

road tripping through america
The Colorado mountains are so gorgeous and so majestic. I captured these on Day 2 of my road trip through the USA.

Day 3:

Not very much happened today, meaning I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. But we were allowed to sleep in longer today; we didn’t have to leave quite so early. I didn’t sleep in, however. I awoke at 6:00 A.M., since I knew that breakfast was first available at 6:30 A.M. I read books and made coffee and took breakfast up to the room. Dad had a meeting from 9:30 ish to 11:30 ish, and he knows what I love, so he left me at Barnes & Noble for those two hours. The girl who worked at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble was so friendly! She told me about the book she was currently enjoying, and I explained how two hours isn’t enough time to read an entire book in one sitting but it’s also too long to browse the shelves, so I usually went for the children’s books and read multiple of those during my time at the bookstore. I’m smart like that. I also saw Lord of Shadows again and mourned the fact that I still haven’t purchased that book. Throughout the day, we drove from Layton, Utah, to Pasco, Oregon.

Day 4:

And we continue to visit only fast food restaurants. But that’s alright, I guess. We never do fast food when we’re at home, and this is only for eight days? Okay, yes, I feel guilty about these meal choices, but what else can we do when we want to get 13 hours of driving into one day?

Today was the day for photography, definitely. I had no idea that Oregon was as beautiful as Colorado! I took so many pictures of the river beside the road, of the waterfall, and of gorgeous Portland. I’ve always wanted to go to Portland.

I really appreciated the hotel we stayed at. It was a rather old-fashioned motel, but they put so much thought into the details of our room. The towels were all folded the right away, and the teabags had thoughtful words written on them. It felt homey and comfortable.

road tripping through america
This is the lovely river in Portland, captured on Day 4 of my road trip through the USA.
road tripping through america
I love all the colors and tones in this photograph that I captured on Day 4 of my road trip through the USA.
road tripping through america
I visited this beauty and took pictures, on Day 4 of my road trip through the USA.
road tripping through america
This mountain was the most photogenic natural structure of them all. I didn’t even have to try; it just posed for me.
road tripping through america
I took this picture and edited it and appreciated it, and loved it so much! And then I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and thought, “Oh, never mind.”
road tripping through america
When one has the opportunity, she sets her brother down on a bench and creates a photograph of him without his head.

Day 5:

Hello, California! Today may have been the highlight of the whole trip. Unless visiting LA tomorrow turns out to be super awesome (I think that even if I do see any celebrities, I won’t know that they’re a celebrity, and will miss an opportunity because of my ignorance). As we drove toward San Francisco, I saw a beach on my front, almost concealed by a fog. I asked Dad if we had the time to stop, and he pulled the truck over beside the road. On the beach, I captured photographs of waves as they crashed, and of seagulls as they took flight for a few minutes and then landed on the sand again. I should probably be talking more about the Redwood Forest, but is it okay if I enjoyed the ocean more?

road tripping through america
This was the most successful picture that I captured of a wave, on Day 5 of my road trip through the USA.
road tripping through america
This is such an artistic picture, okay? My dad and brother were walking toward the seagulls. On Day 5 of my road trip through the USA.
road tripping through america
My dad and my brother were counting the rings in the tree’s trunk, in the Redwood Forest, on Day 5 of my road trip through the USA.
road tripping through america
Dad took this adorable candid photograph that Dad took of brother and I getting close to the waves and then quickly running away so the water wouldn’t catch our feet.
road tripping through america
The seagulls let me approach so close to take pictures of them.
road tripping through america
Dad liked to take my camera and hang it around his neck and take pictures of me.
road tripping through america
I noticed in this one how the back of my head looks very decent. My hair is growing out nicely in the back, even if it looks pathetic in the front.

Day 6:

And we entered celebrity country! Wow, my face feels weird when I’m not wearing my glasses. I think the bridge of my nose is tingly. I didn’t take any pictures today! Why? Because California isn’t pretty!

Okay, the beaches and forests from yesterday were super pretty. But the cities aren’t pretty. I’m unimpressed with the public restrooms, and everything looks so dry and yellow. BUT, that doesn’t matter because Cameron Diaz drove past me and we made eye contact. For lunch, we had a meeting at Panera outside of Santa Barbara with Dad’s business associate friends, and then brother and I yelled along to loud Twenty One Pilots music while we waited for Dad in the car. Also, I really want my hair to grow out, because it looks so awkward right now.

Day 7:

I enjoyed that trip, but it’s so good to finally be home. We drove a total of 76 hours over the course of one week. That’s an average of 11 hours per day. How even?

Breakfasts were served at the hotel, but as far lunches and dinners, every single restaurant we visited was a fast food restaurant, except for one time. And then with all those hours and driving and no hours of exercising… you can imagine how lethargic and inactive my body has been.

It took a while for Dad to convince me to come along on the trip. I would be missing a week at the gym, my appointment with my nutritionist on Thursday, youth on Wednesday night, and my meeting with the writing club on Saturday. I really didn’t want to leave. But Dad told me that we’d be driving through famous cities and seeing national parks.. and then he appealed specifically to me by telling me that I’d have something to blog about and that I’d take a lot of pictures. I did both. And I’m glad I went on the trip, because there really isn’t any point in my near future when I’ll be less busy than I am now. My schedule would continue to keep me occupied, and I simply had to make phone calls and prepare things in advance and decide to allow myself to relax as I took a few days off. It was a wonderful road trip.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I love going on road trips, you shared quite a few details, I’ll definitely bookmark this for the next time I go on an adventure!


  2. I’m glad you went! It looks like a fun trip, plus you got to hang out with your dad and brother, which is always good. These are the memories you’ll have when you’re old and gray, heh.

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