Hello, Friends 🙂

Allow me to introduce to you the reason I created this blog.

I believe strongly in adventure. I aim to live an epic, extravagant life. I feel accomplished when I check something off my bucket list (which is at least twelve pages long) because that’s when I know I’m actually living, and not just existing.

I’m here to share with you my pursuit of adventure. I’ll write about my daily life, milestones I’ve reached, goals I’m still working on, and each new adventure I come upon. I want to answer your questions and engage in conversations with you; I want to inspire you to live a wonderful life, and help you follow your dreams.

Not only will I share with you the extraordinary things happening to me daily, but also the ordinary things, as well as things I believe in and opinions I hold. I encourage you to share what things you believe in and what opinions you hold. This website is as much a community as it is a personal blog.

Welcome to the world of giraffes and treehouses. You’ll fit right in!